The A to Z of Transsexual Escorts and Admirers


Just some random notes and thoughts, some serious, some tongue in cheek, some useful, some disposable, some indispensable. Enjoy

A is for Apple Crackernut Head  Why oh why oh why are some men like this? … oh yes, it’s you again, emailing me four times a year to say you are moving to the area next week and you’ve never been with a TS but you are interested and would like to know what I intend to do with you? … lol(that’s four times a year over the last three years by the way

B is for Brilliant  Transsexuals may well be some of the most brilliant people you will ever meet, and some of the most beautiful, inside and out

C is for Connection  Sex without connection is like a racing car without fuel. Fill up with some four star manners. We’re just human like everyone else. And you’ll find, like yourself, we run much better when treated so. I can be as dirty and potty mouthed as you wish when me meet, but never, ever, ever ask how big our cocks are as an opening gambit to calling me and asking about services or availability, unless you think filling a Formula One car with diesel is a race winning strategy

D is for Desire  All men by nature desire knowledge. All transsexuals by nature offer lessons

E is for Empty Many transsexuals, like myself, do not know love. That’s why we adore admirers who have a little affection to share, the simple stuff – a smile, a compliment, a thank you, a kiss. Some of my clients may not know love as well, which is why I always try my best to return the same

F is for Fucking It happens. It’s fun

G is for Gentlemen They happen. They’re lovely

H is for Honest  The transsexual who tempers your fantasy with some gentle truth and practicalities, even if it’s things you didn’t expect or perhaps didn’t want to hear, is still the girl who works the correct way, and the one you should probably choose. Anyone can promise the earth, few deliver it. Beware the politicians. Seek out the genuine. Better to compromise some expectations to visit someone working with you than to have you expectations crushed by someone not

I is for Introspection  Early experiences often lead to some introspection. Some men instantly take to an experience with a transsexual like a duck to water, for others the internalisation of thoughts begin as soon as the deed is done and the moment has passed. It’s natural, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you are grappling with the ‘Am I gay’ question, then let me say, wrong question. No gay man lusts after a transsexual. Let me repeat, that is none, ever, never, ever. If I go into a predominantly gay bar then let me tell you, other than friendship or compliments I receive no sexual attention what so ever. Put me in a bar full of straight men – oh boy, that’s a little different

J is for Joy  Joy is that moment when an admirer reaches trans-balance. That is when an admirer has been through the doubt/ guilt cycle following an experience and slowly, surely the recollection of what a bloody brilliant time he had returns. It’s like a process, and it explains why for many men visiting a transsexual is an occasional thing, perhaps once or twice a year, when the urges are pure. As admirers develop some will find that in time transsexual women are a far more appealing prospect than genetic ones and many consider transsexuals as potential partners

K is for Kardashian  If I see or hear of one more transsexual escort who’s role model and raison d’être is Kim Kardashian I will laminate my own bloody face

L is for Laminate  I just laminated my own face (see K)

M is for Manic  I enjoy taking my time with guests, but sometimes it’s equally fun to rush headlong through an intense lusty firestorm. Meeting a transsexual can be like that, it’s a wow, it’s a woo, it’s a mighty wah. One should not forget the intense rapture of a pop tune nor the ebb and flow of a symphony and the distinct ecstasy of each. In short, if you pop like a starters gun at the Olympic 100 meter race, and last just as long, bloody well enjoy it – it’s a power your regular love life probably doesn’t consume you with

N is for Noble  It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being subject to half the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for fear of what might happen. Every transsexual has had to overcome this fear to live a life, and we should not forget that at some point, past or present, so has every admirer in order to live a moment.

O is for Oral  I might pound your throat to within an inch of your life. It’s just something I do, but choose not to promote myself that way. Feeling better now?

P is for Penis  Transsexual girls don’t have penis’s as you might understand them. They have something different, something other worldly. It’s not the same. It’s transgressive, it’s special, it’s almost transcendental. In truth it’s like something you might have expected, but better. My penis is a dream within a dream, just thought I’d let you know

Q is for Quantitive Easing  Q!!! come on, for fuck sake lol

R is for Refugee  Every transsexual knows what it is like to live on the fringes of society in search of a home, both externally and within ourselves. It’s what makes many of us grateful for simple things, happy for shelter and a feeling of belonging yet simultaneously prone to feelings of sadness and loss

S is for Surgery I often smile when I get asked ‘are you a natural ladyboy?’. Bar the fact there is no such thing, it’s transsexual, not ladyboy, nor shemale, nor chick with a dick (all terms from porn), what I think most admirers don’t understand is that transition is a combination of aligning the inside (how we feel about ourselves), and the outside (how we present ourselves). The latter is surgery, and there are literally no transsexuals on the planet who have not been under the surgeon’s knife (at least at the porn industry/sex industry level). Hit google and take a look at ‘facial feminisation surgery’ , click images and you will see hundreds of before and after photos, many are quite extraordinary. We have our jaws broken, chins removed, lips lifted, noses adjusted, cheeks filled, foreheads shaved or replaced with plates, eyebrow lifts, hairline advancements then on to breast implants, buttock implants, and on and on and on. Girls in the porn industry (particularly Caucasian) will have spend thousands and thousands of pounds. I’m lucky, I don’t require too much work and I don’t want to get caught in a glamour cycle of always being insecure about my looks, but I’m still working hard and saving for the minor adjustments that will reveal the real me. So are you a natural ladyboy … no, no one is

T is for Tits  I’ve had hundreds of text’s from tits, but never met them, unlike the ones developing on my chest

U is for Unhinged  Many transsexuals are crazy horses. What a show, there they go, smoking up the sky. Crazy horse all got riders and they’re you and I …. Crazy Horses (whaaaa whaaa) Crazy Horses (whaaaa whaaa)

V is for Victory  Every transsexual represents a victory over overwhelming odds. It will have taken years of courage and military like discipline and planning to become themselves. There are no short cuts to transition, and victory may have come at great costs – of loved ones, of friends and family, of jobs, of financial security, of future prospects. But it’s still a victory for the human spirit

W is for Worm  Why oh why oh why are some men like this? … Oh yes, it’s you again, emailing me four times a year to say you are moving to the area next week and you’ve never been with a TS but you are interested in what I intend to do with you? (see A lol)

X is for XXX. Naturally you will enjoy it, but you will learn nothing about transsexuals from watching porn. Porn is pure fabrication, like that all girl boarding school in Russia where the female students sneak out at midnight to see the lucky caretaker who happens, by chance, to look like a male model with a ten inch dick and takes them all up the ass over a Ferrari. You know the one I mean don’t you? That school, it does exist, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

Y is for Yipee   Yipee is that moment when an admirer is out with some male friends. Quite by chance the conversation turns to the “would you, wouldn’t you?” transsexual question. And one pipes up, when he was in Thailand he did, and he fookin loved it, he was addicted, it was ace. And you, with your little secret, smile inside, feel less alone, vindicated, normal, and Yipee bounces around your head to the theme tune of Roobarb, you know, the episode where you got the custard lol. If only they knew … high five yourself

Z is for Zoo  No mammal excels placed in a cage. We are not Pandas (although breeding for us is equally problematic lol). We exist, all over, in towns, in cities, in workplaces, in your workplace, in your town, in your city. Outside of escorting life for us is as normal as it is for you; you would be surprised how lovely, welcoming, supportive and generally open and interested people are, or how often we go unnoticed. We are used to that sense of normality. Do not approach a transsexual with anything less than normality, or you may find, like a caged tiger, something roars at you

and finally

RSC is for Roxie SugaCane, Refined Sweet Conscience

See you soon

xXx Roxie xXx

The A to Z of Transsexual Escorts and Admirers