Some advice for first timers

I’ll be honest, I don’t know whether first timers are the love of my life, or the bane of my life lol.  They can simultaneously be the most joyful experience, and the most frustrating.  In fact, let me rephrase that, I adore my experiences with first timers, but the frustration comes from, well, the ones that don’t get an experience, that’s my point – I never see them lol

I’m reminded of the tag line in Baz Luhrmann’s debut feature ‘Strictly Ballroom’

   “a life lived in fear, is a life half lived”

 Am I something to fear? A kinder, smarter, more caring girl you’d do well to find, and I get fear, and why.

So how can I convert the endless enquiries from first timers into a great experience I know you will enjoy.  Chances are I can’t, well that’s the game isn’t it (there is a whole business model built on that, it’s called Babestation, which allows plastic looking models to fleece money off the lonely, the curious and those with more alcohol in them than sense.  If you think I’m going to be your free sex chat, think again, you’ll regret that call.

Trouble is I know the great time my clients have with me. I’ve been with first timers who’s eyes light up and its it all goes off like a spark in a fireworks factory.  It’s simply ace – inhibitions drop and frankly it all gets very natural because, here’s a shock fellas, IT IS.  I think that experience must be very cathartic. I know there are an awful lot of men out there who are attracted to the 3rd sex, and have harboured thoughts and fantasies, so to help you work through them, enjoy them, have fun with them, release and resolve them is pretty close to public service love making (Can I get a grant?)

But sometimes you need a right old kick start to get you through the door.  I used to have an MG Midget like that, always teasing me as to whether it would strike up or not – and yes, I did give it a good Basil Faulty lesson and whack it with a tree branch once!! Anyone who’s had to fight a bit of 1970’s British engineering on a daily basis will know that feeling – I mean, what car chooses the Blackwall tunnel at rush hour to decide one of its wheels are surplus to requirements lol

So I’ll leave you with an example.  Some time ago I had a call from here from a gentleman who wanted to visit.  Closer to the time, well he lost his bottle, but was super polite and honest about it. I’m always kind to men who have that kind of decency, so I texted back understanding his dilemma and being supportive.  So eventually, the second time comes around, and he turns up, and we had a freaking great time.  Seen him subsequently, we’re good friends now, and developing some of his fantasies – how cool is that ? That might not be for you, but at least he found out.

So my advice, it’s so simple it’s almost a cliché

   You’re a long time dead.

   “A life lived in fear, is a life half lived”

 I don’t make that fear, quite the polar opposite, I provide the opportunity to resolve it. What’s the worst thing that can happen with an experience with me?  Well, you’ll find out something about yourself. And what’s the best thing that can happen with an experience with me?  Well, you’ll find out something about yourself

xx Roxie xx

Some advice for first timers