Did he see an angel? The Duke of Doncaster

I have a few reviews dotted around the net, all positive thankfully, but I wanted to share this one. In essence its more a thank you email which was a delight to receive and read from a really lovely gentleman who straddles the boundaries of client, friend and lover.  Between the lines I hope it tells you something about me, but my real reason for posting is that it was from a more experienced admirer. That makes it different because some of the struggle to understand and explain the experience are gone, in the way that you would struggle to write a book about being a professional footballer as an 18yr old apprentice, but have a deep font of knowledge to draw upon when your career was closing at 35. At core, it’s a rounded, more informed critique of our time together.  He is also a pretty lovely writer. It is posted with permission.  


Hi Roxie,  

I hope you are well. If you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it then hopefully it should put a smile on your beautiful face. If you can use any of these words in one of your blogs then that’s an added bonus. 

I have some wonderful memories of our night together. The first being how absolutely fabulous you looked as you opened the door. Talk about love at first sight. I cannot understand why you don’t like having your photo taken, your beauty is beyond compare. Take a look in the mirror girl, the strategically placed one in your bedroom (I come to that later on). Talking of photos I need to take some more I have worn this one out by constantly looking at it (corny I know). Perhaps on my next visit (that’s presuming I’m allowed another visit) you’ll allow me to take two?

As you are well aware you’re not the first tgirl I have visited, but you by a very very long way the best. If you want to know why then I will spell it out. Apart from your unbelievable beauty, perfect sexy body and the magic you perform in the bedroom, you have a fantastic personality, you are kind, sincere, fun to be with and have a great sense of humour (well you laugh at my tomfoolery). But what makes you the best is there was no feeling of guilt, everything felt so natural, thank you. I got the feeling that something clicked between us straight away or is that just in my imagination?

It was so nice holding you in my arms and talking. The radiator may have been warming my back but you were warming my heart. Honestly I would not have been disappointed if we had spent the whole two hours just sat there. However I’m glad we didn’t, what you did in the bedroom was mind blowing. Coming back to the strategically placed mirror, the one vision I cannot get out of my head is the view of you cute little bum as you knelt down with head between legs doing what you do best (Ed – he’s clearly never seen any of my paintings from art collage lol, sorry back to you Mike). I wished I could have been in two places at once. It was at that particular moment that (I don’t want to sound crude but there’s no other way of putting it) I wanted to fuck you. Something I have never done with another tgirl and something I have never really wanted to do. It may not be the next time or the time after that but one day when I feel you’ll get most pleasure out of it I will fuck you. I think I have that day already planned or is that just a dream. Anyway before that there’s lots you have to teach me and I think you have some unfinished business with my nipples but like their owner they’re shy. As I think you already you know it would double my pleasure knowing that your getting as much enjoyment as I am. That’s why I’m dying to see you cum, feel your cum and maybe best of all taste your cum. Hope all that as not come as a too bigger shock.

Finally one last question did you actually say the next time just pay for an hour and stop longer? I cannot image you say that to all your first time customers so hopefully I’m under the right delusion that you actually like me. The payment question might be irrelevant as I probably only going be able to stay an hour next time with the travelling I’ll have to do. Free evenings like that don’t come that often.

Anyway I would love to see you before Christmas. It’s definitely put a new slant on looking down the fixture list or I may have to do my Christmas shopping in Leeds. If I cannot make before are you available between Christmas and New year? 

I’ll give you a couple of days to digest all this and pluck up the courage to call you for chat next week. Looking forward to seeing soon my Californian blonde bombshell. Until then please take care and look after yourself. 

Bye for now


Mike xxx

Did he see an angel? The Duke of Doncaster