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This blog was written on September 7th 2015


Just a little foreword before this blog. I just wanted to state the obvious, in that the following comments come from clients I have know for some time. I didn’t want anyone to feel that you have to see me regularly to have the same experience as them – I don’t discriminate between regulars or someone I will see just the once. I simply wanted to say something about connection, and how sometimes the job can transcend the obvious. I’m still here to scratch your itch, that my job and I enjoy it, but occasionally there is deeper connection which I wanted to express. If you are only interested in facile self promotion I believe Donald Trump has a twitter account. So ………..

So I’m sat around on Saturday, and a lovely text comes in from a client (hate that word, friend is actually much more apt) whom I used to see regularly back in Hull. He visited me initially as a first timer. The message cheered me up, and it read (reproduced with permission)

“Hiya Roxie xxx Hope you’re well and happy 🙂 Was out n bout on me bike yesterday n passed by your house. In fact I stopped n went to the park n sat having a cig whilst remembering how you helped me find myself in that house. A mixture of emotions. Very sad that you’re not there anymore, but also fantastically happy ones too. You did so much for me you’ll never know, n I’ll always be grateful for that. You showed me n gave me experiences and pleasure I’d never thought possible 🙂 But most of all I got to know the wonderful beautiful woman you are, kind sweet funny, extremely intelligent, super hot n sexy – perfect. So I hope life is panning out for you in Leeds, just as long as you know there’s always someone thinking the best for you 🙂 Take care babe”

…. and that reminded me that I really ought to do something with the beautiful letter I received two weeks ago from an equally special visitor I have formed a lovely friendship with here in Leeds since I arrived in February. He wanted to write me a review without crawling about all those dreadful sites with their graphic depictions that tell you nothing other than how banal buying and selling sex can be. Again, reproduced with kind permission …


SOMETHING ABOUT ROXIE (Ed: damn, he stole that from somewhere lol)

Where do I start this? I’ve deliberated for ages but felt like I needed some background to get the full meaning. So…let’s start at the very beginning. After four extremely traumatic years, I found myself in my late forties, free and single. Unfortunately for me, death and funerals had become common place events in my life and Mr.Happy left the house to be replaced by Mr.Sad. After a while Mr.Sad awoke from his slumber and decided he needed to at least try and find Mr.Happy again.

So, as well as the usual stuff; throwing myself into work, getting out more, even the odd date, I thought I would try visiting escorts, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I’m a bloke, with needs and desires just like any other bloke. So I looked at a multitude of escort sites, tried a couple of escorts and quite simply left feeling unfulfilled. I don’t know why, I just found the whole process boring.

So I decided to explore my inner fantasies and found a popular trans-sexual escort site and a few days later I had my first experience with a TGirl. Despite my nerves it was an okay experience and I visited the same escort again a couple of times. However, after the initial excitement I found the whole process to be a little mechanical – yes, she was good but it seemed like ‘Groundhog Day-’ the same procedure over again, I even began to wonder if she had any different underwear! I tried different trans escorts but really it just seemed to go from the initial good to bad to worse. I couldn’t seem to connect with any of the girls, it just seemed to be all about taking my money and getting me out of the place in record time.

I began to look outside Leeds, after all my work involved a bit of travelling around Yorkshire. It was then I found Roxie in Hull. I read her profile, looked on her web site and I was enchanted by her honesty. Sadly my work didn’t take me anywhere near Hull and I tried a couple more escorts but again just left feeling frustrated and on one occasion positively insulted.

Then, Roxie’s web site told me she was now living in Leeds. I devoured her profile and blogs but when push came to shove something was stopping me. I’m not the tallest guy in the world, and as a somewhat portly 5 feet 6 inches, I found myself intimidated by the thought of spending time with this six feet one Amazonian Goddess. It just didn’t seem right and all I could think of was how mental Bernie Ecclestone and his wife look!

Anyway, one day after a bit of a rough time at work, I threw caution to the wind and called Roxie. I garbled out about how I was tired of wasting money etc etc and also my hang up about my lack of height. I was afraid she’d take the piss and had decided I would hang up if she did, my lack of height is a sensitive subject with me. Anyway, Roxie did take the piss but in a gentle, charming, chiding way as she promised me she would remember to look down when she answered the door.

When Roxie opened the door she remembered to look down and I looked up at a beautiful, statuesque, gorgeous smelling lady with a lovely welcoming smile. We sat down with a cuppa and soon we were both laughing and laughter has become a common theme of our time together. From the very beginning, Roxie made me feel at ease, she has an effortless grace in the way she gives her undivided attention. After we’d finished our cuppa, inevitably the bedroom beckoned. By now the whole size hang up was filed away in the ‘not important drawer’ and all credit to Roxie for that. I just felt utterly intoxicated by her. Now, I don’t want to write one of these reviews where I’m giving it ‘what happened between me and the lady stays in the bedroom’ but to be honest I’m just crap at writing a blow by blow account of our first time together, believe me I’ve been trying for the last two hours. But it was good, mind blowing actually. At the time the best sexual experience of my life.

I’ve visited Roxie nine times now. I can honestly say every time has just got better and better and no two visits have ever been the same. Roxie goes out of her way. She always answers the door in a different but always sexy little dress and them slips into something more comfortable when it comes to bed time. After a couple of visits I stammered something about wanting to try different things. I was embarrassed and nervous about asking to be tied up and dominated for example (well it’s not like asking if they’ve got frozen parsnips in Iceland) but again Roxie was able to calm me down and in her own easy going way came up with a few ideas to push my boundaries and spare my obvious embarrassment. And the boundaries have been pushed until they screamed but always with fun and laughter at the centre of it all.

Sometimes in my quieter moments, I think about Roxie and this unbelievable sex we have. Where does it come from? What is it that she does which makes me harder than I’ve ever managed before? Is she like this with everyone? She probably is, I wouldn’t try and flatter myself as anything special. Quite simply Roxie is brilliant at her job and I feel lucky to have met her. Sometimes I wish I’d just met her as my first time but then you have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs. And believe me spending time with Roxie gives me an unbelievable natural high, better than any drug although probably just as addictive!

I’ve still got my issues, Mr.Sad is still in the house but then if Mr.Sad fully leaves, he packs his cases with my cherished memories, so I guess he’s here to stay. But Mr.Happy’s never far away these days and I’ve got Roxie to thank for that.

Roxie…Thank you for the great times we’ve shared, thank you for the fun, the laughs, the emotional support, the wild and brilliant sex but most of all thank you for the friendship and thank you for you just being you. x



….. so I texted back my friend in Hull to say what a truly lovely message it was to receive out of the blue, and how it had brightened my day. But I had a question. Mr.T, I asked, it’s lovely to have helped someone find some answers to their questions, but what are you doing with your new found enlightenment?

The phone pinged again with a reply text

“To answer your previous question, what am I doing … well I def spend more time on my own doing things I want, not what anyone else want. I’m happier with my own company now, more self assured, contented even. Meeting you helped pieces of me fall into place, unscramble my thoughts, emotions, needs n also my desires. It’s been mentioned to me that I’m quieter, less rat race more slow boat riding life. As I said, more contented with myself. Still desperately missing some seriously hot sex, but, hey can’t have everything in life can ya lol. Just texting you turns me on!!!! You have the power Roxie lol xx”

I really, actually, love these two guys. I don’t know if that is sad, silly, scary, or just plain nice. They allow me to feel better than the job, and that’s lovely, because I am. And I allow them to feel better than a ‘punter’, and that’s lovely, because they are. And when that happens, everyone keeps their dreams.

Work it out for yourself.

Roxie SugaCane : Human Revolution

See you soon

xXx Roxie xXx

Roxie SugaCane : Leeds Review : Human Revolution