J’ai pas peur – a response


This Blog was written on August 14th 2014

Well it’s been a few weeks since I announced I would be leaving Hull and going to live and work in London. Greed, mammon, avarice you think ? Ha ha, no, let’s just say a conservative estimate for transition for a girl like me is between 30 and 50k. I won’t be saving that kind of money in Hull, though I did once get to 1.5k before I spent it on a new bathroom lol

I have had some lovely good luck messages, lots of people who will miss me and wish me well, and I’ve seen a few extra clients who had no doubt been thinking about me for many months and finally found the courage to say hello, if only to conclude ‘why did I wait so long!!!’

So below is an email from one of my favourite friends that warmed my heart to read. Thank you my sweet, and of course I will look after myself. Always have, always will.

Hi Roxie

It’s been a while (a year in fact) since I saw your last, I have just been all over the bloody place with work.

I just want to say that it’s a shame you are moving but I can totally understand your reasons. Hull (for all its good) really isn’t a place for a sexy, fit, gorgeous girl like you because only a handful (me included) can appreciate the sexual presence you give of.

Yes I am bi, took a while before I could acknowledge that, but I am happy with that and yes I have been with a few TV’s and TS’s in the past but I can say hand on heart you have to be one of the most gentle, sensual, caring, loving girls I have had the pleasure to make love to, yes make love (not fuck, shag or bang) as I really enjoyed it and you where so non discriminating of the fact that I was a chunky chappy, that is a credit to you.

I loved every minute of our meets in the last 2 or so years and adore you body and cock, also yeah fucking great kisser and blow jobs to die for.

Can I say one thing hun, please take care as London can be a fucking cruel place and seedy, you don’t deserve this. I hope you have got a nice place in a nice area and, just be very careful please 😉

I still get to London. So when I can I will try and look you up and come and see you, London prices will hurt, but you are worth it. Stay away from the shit, drink and drugs please hun and if it ends up shit, come back home to Hull and maybe start something new?

Anyway I have babbled enough, take care hope maybe to even see you before you leave.

Take care, lots of love.

… and there you have it. And he is right, there aren’t enough people to appreciate me here (that’s stated without arrogance). The biggest compliments I receive are ALWAYS from men who have dabbled before. They have had their experiences with the ‘don’t care Thai girls’, ‘the money heads’, ‘the hustlers’, and when they meet me, well, “That’s the best experience I’ve ever had, thank you” is a phrase I am well accustomed to. Can’t guarantee you will feel the same, but it won’t be through LACK OF EFFORT on my part.

If I happen to be your first experience, which is also cool, and generally the case in Hull, then you simply don’t have that compare and contrast ability. They do in London, and as I have been told, I will be very, very welcome – someone who does the job properly, with honesty, care, and integrity (not generally how working girls promote themselves) 🙂

take care everyone

x Roxie x

J’ai pas peur – a response