Hello London : Mission Statement October 2014


This Blog was written on October 20th 2014

Well, I survived Hull, and now I’m on the run ha-ha. Ronnie Biggs you had it easy lol. Thank you for all those back in Yorkshire who helped me with my escape, both in a positive and negative way – I have left many kind friends and clients there who I shall, and do miss.

So I have landed my pretty ass in London so as means of an introduction I thought I’d take you through why I am here, give you some idea of what I am like, and perhaps entice you into saying hello by making you feel ‘she is nice … and different’, because I can’t emphasise enough that I am. Genuine is the word.

So why am I here ?

Really the easiest question to answer – simple economics.  For the last 3 years I have been working in Hull, Kingston Upon Hull if I’m in a posh mood, and frankly, despite learning my trade there and being rather good at my job, it was hard to make a living, never mind achieve my goals.  Location, location, location, as you can imagine. Those goals of course are set by the path of my transition(that’s pre-op for me not post in case you were wondering).  Currently 7 months on hormones light (I’m still fully functional and sane lol) – I’m just about finished with laser, have baby boomer breasts  and generally feel happy less the days of frustrations, doubts and occasional loneliness which are natural to all of us.

But did you know the cost of transition for girls like me?  Hold your breath, it’s conservatively somewhere between 30k and 70k.  Yep, that’s a lot of money, and aside from other social factors, it explains why many girls choose to escort.  It’s certainly the case with me, though I enjoy the job as well, the work definitely, the waiting time not so much.  Would I do it if I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, well perhaps not, but that isn’t the reality, the cost of my journey is.  And the second reality is that being transgender is a combination of what God gave us, our feelings, hormones, and surgical procedures – it’s the latter that makes up the bulk of the expense as you can imagine.  Currently I’m in my natural form, and have no intention of making myself into a cross between Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers (god rest her funny soul), we should embrace our physical quirks not try to iron them all out – but some improvements and adjustments – well I think I will look and feel rather lovely and it helps me blend in everyday life which is important to trans girls.  So I hope some of you will join me on this fascinating journey as I adore clients who become genuine friends and mentors as the connection, as sex, get better and better.

So why might I be different ?

Well basically I’m just me, flesh and blood and all that, but I do have some observations about escorting in the capitol from my brief tours here.

I’ve had numerous messages from potential clients saying that they have given up using personal services in London.  Guys viewed for the content of their wallets only, bad experiences, short experiences – I can understand that lack of belief you may have.  Fair play to those that want to fill their lives with all that glitters, but my honest opinion about the scene for those who understand basic Christian values – too much money!! I was told of a Brazilian girl who saw 8 clients a day.  That’s a weekly income of between 5k and 8k. Staggering (and in fairness, quite some physical and mental achievement, so I doff my cap to that). The downside is that that amount of work is impossible to do unless your agenda is to get them in and out the door as quickly as you can.  The result is that you pop along with your hard earned and saved £150 for a special treat, and you are disappointed.  Exactly what value did you expect your money to have?  Think about it, then think about it again until the truth behind the beautiful veneer sinks in. Alternatively divide your weekly income, let’s say £500, by the same percentage. How much do you care about £10? How much effort do you put in to earn £10? It’s the reason I restrict myself in the number of daily visitors to three, so I can do you, and myself justice.

There was a brilliant scene on television recently when a Thai transsexual escort was caught by customs at Heathrow returning home with £17,000 cash in her bag.  Her response – ‘well it’s not much’.  If your moral compass has just gone red, ditto.  £17,000 changes my life, in fact it changes a lot of lives, in Africa is saves thousands, in Thailand, where the monthly salary is £254, oh my , how did your mind come up with the phrase ‘well it’s not much’.  If you want to know the actual value of money, and it’s purpose, then I’d recommend taking a look at the work of one of my heroes Bill Gates.

It’s all a bit Canderella isn’t it, my word, enjoy the word play – Artificially Sweet Princess, where as I am SugaCane, natural, unrefined goodness 🙂

I learnt my trade where it was hard to find work, so for me EVERY CLIENT COUNTS. I restrict myself to seeing three guests a day because otherwise I cannot provide the experience I expect of myself and you deserve. When I achieve that by building my regular visitors I will be more than content. I don’t deserve to earn more than the Prime Minister. Full Stop. Period.  I may well be alone in that, but hey ho, northern soul. When I say every appointment is bespoke and unique I mean it. You give me your time, I give you mine, no hooks, no catches, no tricks. If you want to stand on a conveyer belt with a cash register ker-ching at the end of it, go and see someone else or get lucky and find someone like me.  People first, money second.

Me, Me, Me

Now that’s a sentence that doesn’t sit easy with me, but we all have our id, ego and super ego issues lol.

I hope some of you might already have some idea about who I am, especially if you take the time to read my hand crafted blogs which I take pride in writing.  Perhaps a common theme is that I don’t attempt to sell you some kind of vacuous high life persona, with ‘been to The Ivy, aren’t I wonderful’, or ‘just got back from Dubai, aren’t I brilliant, can I sell you 1 hour of my life so that you can touch the magic’ lol.

I tell things are they are, as I find them, sometimes funny, sometimes uncomfortable, always truthful.  Work wise those same principles can be a double edged sword, there is no doubt I have lost work by being honest and having your best interests at heart by not selling you something I cannot do.  If I was choosing someone to be intimate with honesty would be towards the top of my priority list.

Before this new life came to me, I had an interesting and fulfilling life working in other fields.  Escorts often purport to be educated and cultured, I am the real deal.  There is no doubt that is a differentiator, because the things I am most proud of in my life have nothing to do with looks or sex.  I was a performer (still am lol), film maker and writer and those remain some of my deepest loves.   I have a unique skill set I use in this job.  I do not aspire to be a porn star, nor wish to be the most beautiful (I’m not 24 anymore), because nothing quite frankly matches the high of standing on a stage making hundreds of people laugh with your ideas.

The meaning of this history ? I have perspective in this job.  I’m proud of achievements in the past, they give me real confidence and inner strength, and in the future I hope to return to creative fields. For now this is how I will earn my passage to a new life, but I want to contribute to society, not simply take, and if I manage to do that as a transgendered woman all the better.  In the meantime, I hope I will do well in London, I deserve to.

Finally, when you visit me … never forget how lucky we are

The other day I disposed of my car (parking in London – nightmare lol, no wonder you are all so wired haha) with a kindly friend in south London.  Trying to avoid rush hour traffic I found myself in Mitcham with an hour or two to spare so took a wander.  Gee, no disrespect but I’ve seen some ropey old town centres in the north of England, but that would take some beating I can tell you.  It’s a London thing I know, the super well to do of Wimbledon a stone’s throw from the hard lives I witnessed there.  As I was walking through this modern day Dickensian scene I passed a betting shop.  Tucked in an alleyway next to the shop was a foreign man, perhaps Iraqi or Iranian, mid 50’s, his face worked over with the deep lines of a brutal existence.  He was on his mobile, in tears, in fact in utter torment, his language shot with despair.  A coloured gentleman exited the shop and asked ‘what’s the matter, have you lost all your money?’  He continued whaling and crying on the phone, and I moved on, my eyes already filling with tears.  A short, momentary vignette, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think of a narrative for that scene.  I thought of some films I love, Vittorio De Sica’s ‘Bicycle Thieves’ and Robert Bresson’s  ‘L’Argent’.  Perhaps this man had gambled his money to buy his children a gift, pay the rent, treat his wife, afford a flight to return home to loved ones?  His pain and anguish was so sad, and so real.  But you, and I are not this man, with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. The point I am making is how lucky you are if you can afford a treat with me, how lucky I am to have this opportunity.  Never forget that.  My job is just to make some magical time the best I can with what magic dust I have.

So repeat the mantra with me, good begets good, good begets good, good begets good.  When you count your life up at the end of days, it will never let you down.

take care
xXx Roxie xXx

PS  I hope no one finds the picture that accompanies this article jingoistic, that was not its intention. I am however hugely proud to be British, because when we are at our best we have a history of being an honest, decent, kind and tolerant island – like me.

Hello London : Mission Statement October 2014