Hello Leeds : There’s something about Roxie


This blog was written on July 23rd 2015

Well this is a belated blog … put simply, hello Leeds 🙂

But firstly an important apology – apart from the fact that I haven’t updated my blogs here for sometime, I got really busy – I requested my website was updated to let everyone know I was now working in West Yorkshire. As a consequence, ever reference to Hull was changed to Leeds, and one of my previous blogs talked about my frustrations of working in Hull. That got changed to Leeds in some kind of replace all error, so I have amended that, and sorry if anyone thought I was being curt about Leeds, far from it, it’s been really nice here, as you will read, so thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome

I have one or two blog followers so, as my previous was hello London, perhaps I should take a moment to explain my goodbye to London. I shall keep it short and simple. I had intended to get through the final part of my transition in London, and having successfully toured there a couple of times, was quite looking forward to achieving those goals in the capital, along with all the extra possibilities of a social life and potentially even a love life.

So I saved and saved, took a shared apartment in North London, and was all set to sail. Sadly what I didn’t factor into my move was that the person I choose to share with, tolerant of my job and gender which was cool, wasn’t the ‘character’ I mistook him for in our two hour flatmate interview, but was, what can I say, to me a borderline sociopath. I could write reams about this gentleman but I’ve chosen to bury lots of it because it was an experience so painful to me and my dreams.

In many ways he was a kindly gentleman, cantankerous for sure, difficult at the best of times, obstinate, but not without soul and passion for life. That palled into insignificance when it dawned upon me that the preceding year of two of his life had been his Colonel Walter E.Kurtz moment. The truth began to dawn quite rapidly upon my arrival, his random behaviour, his placid / violent temperament, his emotional turmoil, daily narcotics use (explains alot of the psychosis). But easily the most chilling fact I discovered upon my arrival was the fact that there had been times he had not left his property for up to three months at a time. He had fallen through the normal checks and balances of society all of us depend upon, however subtly – love, support, encouragement, community, acceptance. When he did venture out, on every occasion when I lived there for a short three weeks, he would inevitably return with a story of confrontation, be that to a shop, night out or whatever. I rapidly concluded this was no place to work when, quite rightly, I have a duty of care to my guests. The morning he told me that at night, he looks in a mirror, and sees the good him, and the bad him in the reflection, telling him what to do, is the morning my blood went cold.

So I had worked my butt off for three weeks redecorating his apartment to drag it screaming into the 21st century and make it fit for purpose (I learnt to fit carpets lol), spent all my savings, earned nothing, and needed to run. He repeatedly attempted to get me to work for his business (legitimate one I might add), I assume because he admired my ability to graft and get things done (I think that’s a northern quality). But I couldn’t have worked for him, simply not stable enough, it would have been madness, so my rejection of his genuine offer was met with attempts to undermine, belittle and control me. He wrote me a beautiful email telling me what a failure I would be, and after three final nights of sleeping with my furniture lodged against me own door as I was so terrified by his random behaviour, I fled. Broke and heartbroken, I returned to Hull and poverty, spent a week at home sleeping out the stress, piecing back together some dreams … and … well … hello Leeds. (And if you do happen to read this Mr.Ladbrooke Grove, I hope you life has found some peace and happiness, genuinely I do, and sorry that was such a traumatic month, probably for both of us)

…. so …. hello Leeds

Firstly thank you for the lovely West Yorkshire welcome, so many messages welcoming me and wishing me luck. I’ve been here since mid-February and it’s been night and day compared to Hull. That can hardly be a surprise. There is much to admire about Hull and its people despite what many of you West Yorkshire folk may think – their decency, honesty, lack of swagger based material assets, real sense of community – but at the end of the day, when you are in the business of selling a treat (and £65 remains a treat for the vast majority of us), then the economic realities of a hard East Yorkshire economy make it an astonishingly harsh environment in which to do my job. So I am very happy to be here.

Everything started like a house of fire here, the phone constantly ringing, meeting lots of new guests, and hooking up with lots of previous friends who would generally say ‘thank god you are in Leeds now, met you before and loved it, can’t wait to see you again’. The first guest I met, well I felt really nervous working in a new environment – I was soon put at ease and we had a really fun time, and I got a lovely post meeting text saying ‘thank you, seriously hot, loved it, you will clean up here, catch you soon x’. A common compliment I heard in my first few weeks was how many of you hadn’t visited anyone since Mia?(now retired) working in Roundhay, and how much I was like her in terms of being friendly, approachable, and genuinely putting you at your ease. All I can say is that I do my best, with everyone. I’ve never been accused of not caring, and hopefully never will.

If you want to know something about me and my working principles, then perhaps read my blog ‘Hello London’, and if you want to know something about yourself, then I’d always suggest a read of ‘Who are you? And why do you like Tgirls?’. I try not to write hyperbole on my profile, I am as honest as the day is long. In fact I’m often disturbed by profiles that want to drill into you what a wonderful, extraordinary, life changing experience they offer, and how privileged you will be to meet them(erm – bullshit). You will be privileged to make a friend of me, trust me, because I will look after you, but it will be on our terms, a contract that develops, not my terms alone. That’s why people love and trust me. Mutual understanding = mutual pleasure. Plant a seed with me, I’ll show you a flower.

If I was to define the essence of my job, I’d say it’s about creating the right environment not so that you can worship me and have me tell you how lucky you are – totally wrong – my job is to make a nurturing environment in which you can freely express yourself. Communication, not looks, is nine tenths of any sexual experience. Don’t believe me? Tell your wife how wonderful she looks this weekend, then feel how much more meaningful those beautiful kisses are. Freedom of expression is the key to a delightful box of sexual pleasures. Looks in isolation are a lock placed on that treasure box, and don’t blame me if it’s Pandora’s. Mine just contains a nice packed lunch, two lovely plums, a large banana and a smile 😉

See you soon.

x Roxie x

Hello Leeds : There’s something about Roxie